day one

I dont think ive felt so close to death in my entire life. This is hard core. the front runners are built like machines. I started off well, jumping into the water then straight up practically vertical hills, for the first 3 kilometeres. checkpoint 1 was a welcome sight filling up with water (after 1 1/2Continue reading “day one”


Jungle Marathon – 1 week to go Ok – nerves kicking in. Last night it really hit home when I hosted a charity screening of the film The Hangover (available on DVD and blu-ray 7th December !) hosted at the wonderfully splendid Warner Brothers screening room (thanks my wife Sarah for getting hold of the film print and persuding the powers thatContinue reading “Jungle Marathon – 1 week to go”

Jungle Training – 3 weeks to go…Scotland

“Misty moors and swells of heather, Thistle leaves as downy feathers. Soaring cliffs to bracken plains; Becalming so; the peaceful rains.” The beautiful land that is Scotland. A long weekend in Gullan,  just outside of Edinburgh is where we set our scene, from ancient grudge break to new mutiny, where civil blood makes civil handsContinue reading “Jungle Training – 3 weeks to go…Scotland”

Jungle Training – it continues…

4 weeks to go !  Training has been a challenge this week with shin splints and time in general ! I have had my typhoid and yellow fever injections, just need a bit of cholera for good luck next week ! This week  I met up with Mark Hines, author of several endurance books (availableContinue reading “Jungle Training – it continues…”

Jungle Training – Coastal Crossing Ultra 33miler, 3 estuary crossings, one big adventure Trip down from London was a painful 7 hour drive. Negotaiting tractors, combines and those ruddy caravans. Still arrive in Salcombe around 930ishpm at the lovely Sylvias home to  a warm reception. Quick introduction to the family then straight to bed for a 4am get up. Gave myself an additional 15 minutes in bed whichContinue reading “Jungle Training – Coastal Crossing Ultra 33miler, 3 estuary crossings, one big adventure”