day one

I dont think ive felt so close to death in my entire life. This is hard core. the front runners are built like machines. I started off well, jumping into the water then straight up practically vertical hills, for the first 3 kilometeres. checkpoint 1 was a welcome sight filling up with water (after 1 1/2 hours) and then carrying on more vertical hillls, checkpoint 2 was a tough one as people were starting to suffer.


Then came some down hills. Woo hoo !! 

The boa constricta was rather an amusing sight, althought ook my breath away slightly…


As was the tarantula (excuse any spelling but Im shot to pieces) being eaten by a hornet !- they warned us about these and the heat but honest to god, i am starting tomorrows race with the fear ! i started to overheat and nearly passed out up one hill so took a break. ive found some people of a similar standard (walkers at the back) i have no idea how people run this thing – its a different world.

Ive set up my hammock next to the toilet as thats what happens when you are near the back !PA110063

 7hours 45 minutes to complete 15 km of utter oblitteration. still i chose to do this and i will suffer the consequences. its 420 local time pm and I am going to get some food and go to bed.

thanks for the emails of support, they go a long way. ive got some footage of me worbling away and losing the plot. i dont think i will want to do anything like this again.its rediculously tough.  I would rather do the MdS which is alledgely a lot more sanitised race and nothing like this – thats the Sahara race by the way.


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