New bag

So I’ve spent my second from last night at home staring at my kit bag thinking oh dear. I have however today found Tesco s serve latte in packets, hoorah ! My full race menu is complete. Despite not fitting in the bag. Day ration packs currently consist of:
Powdered porridge
Race food:
Power bar
Viper bar
Sports beans
Viper drinks

Fois grois terrine served on a bed of green salad, spinkled with…oh no, sorry it reads ‘chicken tikka’ powderd food. Hot chocolate
Apple with custard

My medical certificate has finally come back saying I’m 12 stone. I don’t think I’ve been that light since pre-beer / 18. Bit concerning. Time to beef up in my last couple days of civilisation.

Have been far to blase about this race and now have the fear of God in me. I must look danger in the face. The run the other way. Must plan next 2 days like clockwork.

Over and out.


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