Jungle Training – it continues…www.justgiving.com/iamtombird

4 weeks to go !  Training has been a challenge this week with shin splints and time in general ! I have had my typhoid and yellow fever injections, just need a bit of cholera for good luck next week !

This week  I met up with Mark Hines, author of several endurance books (available at all good book shops and online stores) and Excercise and Human Physiology Lecturer at the British College of Osteopathic Medicine. Mark completed the Jungle Marathon last year and was carrying out some research on “Endurance Atheletes”. As I fitted the bill (kind of) I was prepared to be guinea pig for some bod pod tesing and VO2 testing, ooer….

Marks tales of being attacked by Bullet Ants and people falling out of hammocks left me a bit nervous before he asked me to dress down to my lycra shorts and put on a swimming cap.

Session went well…


He said it was to do with body mass index measurement but it kind of reminded me Seth Brundle in the Fly ! All said and done, I was a little bit lardy according to the results (it was actually the muscle size that threw out the figures and apparently the machines arnt that accurate anyway…).

A bit of Vo2 testing was next on the cards:




Simple in concept but when the machine starts and the incline begins to rise, its only a matter of minutes before things start to get a little tasty. However for my age I fall into the superior category which in itself is better than excellent !

A few other tests were carried out such as bone density and another one which meant I had to balance on one foot with my eyes closed, whilst he took photos. Nuff said.

The rest of the week was spent training  – including runs into work, gym, swim and a good bit of ol Bikram Yoga.

My kit however is my current concern as I have yet to get all my medical supplies and have a few outstanding pieces to contend with. I did however manage to sort out my hammock. The snake skins arrived during the week so I was fully able test it, and I managed to get it up on Clapham Common. Phnerk.


The excitement of trying to get into it was unbearable. But such a relief as it wasnt that complicated at all. Worrying over nothing.

My long run on the otherhand was a bit of a farcicle trip around London. Through the concrete jungle again, dodging cars, taxi, buses, tramps – and that was just to get to Hampstead Heath.

At Victoria however, whilst charging along to the theme tune from Chariots of Fire I managed to trip my feet, over onto the pavement with my rucksack falling on top of me and crashing onto my elbow and knee. As there were a few people around I swiftly got up and carried on running as though nothing had happened to soon later realise I had yet another gashing arm. When does it stop ! At this point I was only 3 miles into at least a 15-20 miles session. After much deliberation I thought, worse things will probably happen when Im in the Amazon so I may as well crack on with it. So I did.

The highlight of my run had to be at about mile 17, running back through Mayfair and past Claridges to see Chris Eubank (ex boxer) playing with his phone and carrying a nice little tanned man bag. To his credit, someone who is more accustomed to using his fists, I said “alright fella” and in his classic voice said ” urrr Helloooo” to my delight !




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