Jungle Training – 3 weeks to go…Scotland

“Misty moors and swells of heather,
Thistle leaves as downy feathers.
Soaring cliffs to bracken plains;
Becalming so; the peaceful rains.”

The beautiful land that is Scotland. A long weekend in Gullan,  just outside of Edinburgh is where we set our scene, from ancient grudge break to new mutiny, where civil blood makes civil hands unclean…a training weekend was instore whilst visiting family. The beautiful surroundings of the East Coast lay setting to what can only be described as blissfull running. Hills, dunes, sea, rock and all in the stunning settings of the beach.


Some trecherous terrain which led to grappling around and a few falls however aside from this, a thoroughly good bashing for the legs.


The long run was eventful however, only covering 18 miles, it was a mix of terrain and also people whom I met on route. The most disturbing moment was when I accidently ran into a bird protected zone.


Easy mistake to make however some people can be so rude !  An English couple, in Scotland, telling me I was ruining their weekend by scaring all the birds away. Armed with a massive camera and telescope they were most miffed.


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