Arrival, the Amazon

After a few internal flights, a stop off in Belem for some food then the final stretch to Santereim we arrived.

Met by Shirley, Brett and Gil who kindly pointed out there are only 45 runners, the long stage is now 100km, totaling 230km and someone was killed by a jaguar last week at checkpoint 4 of the long stage. Sweet !! 230am on boat, hammocks up and squashed in, iphone about to die, no signal from now on, 8 hour sail down the Amazon to the start line. I love this place !


Arrived in Brazil

Sao Paolo airport, terminal one. 7am and its scorching heat outside. Some runners have gone for a quick warm up in between connecting flights, now that’s just plain silly. Its the last opportunity some half decent food !
As more people meet, the excitement grows. Especially when you meet someone doing their phd on the effects of heat on the body in ultrarunning. Nice. One last beer and pizza then bye bye civilization. Next stop, the Amazon.

Take Off

Reality sets in as a nearly missed flight and lack of time to get essential kit. But hey, done it before, how hard can it be second time round ?

I’ve been recognised by fellow runners from the article in Metro and my blog which is nice. Bumped into Jim Binks, the 69 year old out for his third race, he also did the MdS this year ! A machine.

Time for some rest and anxiety attacks about lack of kit, not enough training, and why we didn’t just take a normal holiday !

Christmas in Costa Rica in a few months !

Blacks – my favourite store !

A big shout out goes to Blacks , the outdoor specialist who have been very generous in donating us some kit. From waterproof lighters, headtorch, Camelback rucksack and bladderpack, to some essential bits of clothing and eating utensils ! and now we are ready ! Thanks also to my colleagues at Delta and Lick, who have been very supportive and I can only apologise for leaving at the busiest possible time !

Katie and I leave today for our adventure and Id like to thank everyone for their support so far. I hope to update the blog over the next couple of weeks, but will be very dependent on signal and mental state. For those who knew me when I originally went 2 years ago and said “stop me if I suggest doing something like this again…”THANKS FOR PAYING ATTENTION !!

London to Brighton and other tales

Well as the epic return to the Amazon draws near, the kit checking continues, the anxieties, the calorie checking. Where does all the time go ? 5 days to go and i doesnt all fit int he rucksack ! tapering off the training, perhaps not the exercise, just the street pounding ! Some more bikram yoga and more swimming and cycling, a few final kit checks and food reviews and then we are ready.

Some footage of the London to Brighton ultra a couple of weeks ago, had to bail at 42 miles as I got lost !

Why the British Red Cross ?

The Red Cross is a symbol of hope and protection to millions of people in London, across the UK and around the world, responding to the needs
of vulnerable people in crisis with skilled and impartial care. However well we prepare for life, a single event can change everything. A house fire can leave a family homeless and with nothing. An earthquake can bring a whole country to its knees. At the Red Cross we believe in respect for other human beings and in meeting suffering with care and understanding. We care for people in their own homes and in local communities, at home and abroad, in peace and in war.

People need the Red Cross today more than ever. Here in London the British Red Cross educates people in life-saving skills, enabling them
to respond to emergencies in their communities. Thanks to our large network of dedicated volunteers, we are able to provide support to the most vulnerable people in our societies across the Capital, every day of the year.

Across the world, the number of natural disasters has almost doubled in the past decade, and we have recently seen the catastrophic effects of this in Japan, New Zealand, Pakistan and Haiti. Conflicts are also having an ever-greater impact on the lives of civilians. No matter what the disaster is, whether natural or man made, the Red Cross is there to comfort and give practical help to those people who have nowhere else to turn.

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Jungle KODAK moment

With Ironman on hold now until next year, I have decided to focus on the main task at hand, my return to the Amazon.

Having been reading ‘The Lost City of Z’, Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcetts hazerdous fateful journey into the Amazon, a man who was the last breed of the great British explorers, has left me a little bewildered on my new journey back into the Jungle. Also Mark Hines Jungle Marathon book, I still cant believe what I had achieved before, and now that I am actually going back !!

This time though, things will be different….

Is it an expedition, an adventure ? yes, is it stupid ? yes. Why am I doing it ? Because I can !

My friends at Creative Grid (thanks Ralph for helping organise) and Madelin Nicolaus at KODAK are providing me with the KODAK playsport to capture my next adventure into the Amazon.

This will allow me to document my trip properly this time, and the build up as we approach the adventure s venue, The Amazon…

The blog will also be featured on the KODAK blog site – more details to follow.

With less than 10 weeks to go there are still things to sort out.

Work is getting busier in the approach to the world of entertainments busy Christmas period…

buy / sell

Taking on board some of my learning’s from last time, having to review kit and food and nutrition bits and pieces. Ensuring I hit the right calorie intake by day – last time I lost a stone in a week ! Time is passing too quickly !

Training has taken on a new level with backpack training, swimming with backpack, backpack in the sauna, backpack in bed… and the London to Brighton 56 mile ultra marathon at the beginning of September.

Norfolk has proved a delicious backdrop to training, a great relief after my injuries from the last triathlon training, and am now back into the full swing of things.

Most importantly of all though, my personal trainer/medical support/motivator/tattooist and love, Katie Sheldrick will be joining as part of the support crew.

Not quite sure she knows what she is letting herself in for but it will be an adventure for both of us !

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First triathlon out of the way, painful yet a beautiful setting in Blenheim. Home of Churchill. And neighbouring my old stomping ground.

The swim was a baptism of fire getting knocked and hit in the head by fellow triathletes, the transition stages seemed miles apart but all good practice…

Pippa Middleton and Jensen Button both competed and swiped my time by miles but it was a great introduction to transition stages, attacked by spectators and being able to enjoy the view.

My article in Metro was a pleasant surprise… read at your leisure…


The fan club is growing, the fitness improving, the sanity deteriorating…what else can I say – next stop, Steelman !!!