Why the British Red Cross ?

The Red Cross is a symbol of hope and protection to millions of people in London, across the UK and around the world, responding to the needs
of vulnerable people in crisis with skilled and impartial care. However well we prepare for life, a single event can change everything. A house fire can leave a family homeless and with nothing. An earthquake can bring a whole country to its knees. At the Red Cross we believe in respect for other human beings and in meeting suffering with care and understanding. We care for people in their own homes and in local communities, at home and abroad, in peace and in war.

People need the Red Cross today more than ever. Here in London the British Red Cross educates people in life-saving skills, enabling them
to respond to emergencies in their communities. Thanks to our large network of dedicated volunteers, we are able to provide support to the most vulnerable people in our societies across the Capital, every day of the year.

Across the world, the number of natural disasters has almost doubled in the past decade, and we have recently seen the catastrophic effects of this in Japan, New Zealand, Pakistan and Haiti. Conflicts are also having an ever-greater impact on the lives of civilians. No matter what the disaster is, whether natural or man made, the Red Cross is there to comfort and give practical help to those people who have nowhere else to turn.

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