Boot Camp

Arrived early on Friday 31st  July, albeit hungover following a rather splendid Birthday celebration consisting of Le Gavroche and Thriller Live the night before.

Met the rest of the team on board for the Boot Camp, made me a bit weary as they all seemed super fit. However following an introductory presentation from Jason (previous years contestant and featured on the IT4 documentary) we walked into the woods to discuss hammocks.


We then took part in a ‘warm up’ swim in the sea followed by a 10 mile coastal run.



This was superb – a bit wet and cold but soon warmed up. The views were stunning and some of the others were super fit b’stards and left dust in my face.


Cliff edge paths – fun yet quite treacherous



2nd day was a 26 miler – once again across the coastal paths, back packs on – stunning scenery from all angles !

Notice new fashion statement in headbands – they will take off again Im sure.



Next race – 33 mile ultra marathon  22nd August


The Route
Section 1:  Mount Batten to Yealm Estuary (1 Crossing)
Distance:  7 miles / 11 km
Crossing:  200m river/estuary
Yealm Estuary
High Water:  07:55 (5.1m)
Low Water:  13:40 (0.3m)
Section 2:  Yealm Estuary to Erme Estuary
Distance:  8 miles / 13 km
Section 3:  Erme Estuary to Bantham (2 Crossings)
Distance: 7 miles / 11 km
Crossing 1:  300m estuary
Crossing 2:  60m river/estuary
Erme Estuary
High Water:  07:57 (5.1m)
Low Water:  13:42 (0.3m)
Avon Estuary
High Water:  07:59 (5.1m)
Low Water:  13:44 (0.3m)
Section 4:  Bantham to Salcombe
Distance:  12 miles / 19 km
Distance:  34 miles / 54 km




Life is a challenge…

‘The Life which is unexamined is not worth living’ – Socrates.

Tom Birds Jungle Challenge

On the 6th October, I will be lucky enough to be departing on a rather epic adventure. There are plenty of races in deserts and mountains across the world, and even a few at the Poles, but there is only one in a jungle environment. I couldn’t think of a better way to experience the mighty Amazon jungle than running over 200km through one of the most remote states of Brazil. Clips of the night stage below…