Jungle KODAK moment

With Ironman on hold now until next year, I have decided to focus on the main task at hand, my return to the Amazon.

Having been reading ‘The Lost City of Z’, Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcetts hazerdous fateful journey into the Amazon, a man who was the last breed of the great British explorers, has left me a little bewildered on my new journey back into the Jungle. Also Mark Hines Jungle Marathon book, I still cant believe what I had achieved before, and now that I am actually going back !!

This time though, things will be different….

Is it an expedition, an adventure ? yes, is it stupid ? yes. Why am I doing it ? Because I can !

My friends at Creative Grid (thanks Ralph for helping organise) and Madelin Nicolaus at KODAK are providing me with the KODAK playsport to capture my next adventure into the Amazon.

This will allow me to document my trip properly this time, and the build up as we approach the adventure s venue, The Amazon…

The blog will also be featured on the KODAK blog site – more details to follow.

With less than 10 weeks to go there are still things to sort out.

Work is getting busier in the approach to the world of entertainments busy Christmas period…

buy / sell

Taking on board some of my learning’s from last time, having to review kit and food and nutrition bits and pieces. Ensuring I hit the right calorie intake by day – last time I lost a stone in a week ! Time is passing too quickly !

Training has taken on a new level with backpack training, swimming with backpack, backpack in the sauna, backpack in bed… and the London to Brighton 56 mile ultra marathon at the beginning of September.

Norfolk has proved a delicious backdrop to training, a great relief after my injuries from the last triathlon training, and am now back into the full swing of things.

Most importantly of all though, my personal trainer/medical support/motivator/tattooist and love, Katie Sheldrick will be joining as part of the support crew.

Not quite sure she knows what she is letting herself in for but it will be an adventure for both of us !

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