Training and Sponsorship

As the training builds up, the need for sponsorship increases at Running across the Norfolk beaches provides a welcome change from ‘ol London town. The clear air, the blue skies, the lapping of the waves. Pure running poetry. With 7 weeks until the London Marthon, I am on track for a sub 330. HoweverContinue reading “Training and Sponsorship”

Training in Costa Rica

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a morning run around the sun drenched beaches of Costa Rica. Having shaken off severe man-flu and suspected malaria I have got back in the training seat in preparation for the big 100 in June. The coastal paths, the hilltops with amazing views. Makes London a distant memory. New YearsContinue reading “Training in Costa Rica”

The UKs Toughest Footrace – Ultra Trail South West 100 mile race

Having been trying to shake of the flu, new job, moving flat its started to take its toll on my running. I.e. nothing for 2 weeks ! So what better race to train for than the UTSW 100 miler, the UK’s Toughest Footrace. The Endurancelife Ultra Trail South West exists for three reasons; firstly, toContinue reading “The UKs Toughest Footrace – Ultra Trail South West 100 mile race”

Day 7 – the final stage and home

As the final runners rose in full spirits, yet hobbling around, it was another early start as we watched them get ready as the sun rose over the river. An amazing setting for the final stage. A few kit checks, feet checks and the runners were off. The rest of us hobbling around inspecting eachContinue reading “Day 7 – the final stage and home”