Stage 3 – 37km

Due to some technical difficulties and signal problems there were some issues in updating the blog, so having just returned to the UK, the following is an overview, albeit slightly late of the days that followed…

Stage 3 got off to a good start. Another early swim across the river and the obligatory missing of turning into the deep dark jungle. A few hills started to take their toll on the body, followed by some more hills, then some more. Up and down, through swamps and through checkpoints. Got to the final checkpoint and was shattered. Had to get ,my back taped up as the sun burn had started to chafe and go a bit septic… still managed to get the bag back on and started to speed off at a pace, even got into a jog which at this stage for me was unthinkable. But as fate would have it I ran in the wrong direction and lost the track. About turn and back the way I came I managed to pick up the tape again. Saw Katie at the checkpoint which was great. Darren from SKY IQ had fallen into the spikey plant and was walking back with the bombederos with things sticking out of his arm ‘ cant move it ‘ he said. Nothing would stop this man, not even loss of feeling in his arm. ‘ill get it taped up and catch up with you in a bit’. Funily enough about an hour later, he and the super smily Jin from South Korea zipped past me at break neck speed, flying over the trees.

I managed to get to the final hill before base camp – a steep incline down which required rope and some severe digging deep to get the few final feet out the way. Base camp tonight was in the heart of the jungle (formerly the cut off stage 4 from 2009). The Jaguar zone. Craig had spotted a jaguar, the bombedors shot a monkey out the tree (target practice) and I finally got into camp with sore feet. The jungle was now taking its toll. Dehydrated and unable to eat my expedition food (other freeze dried meals available) but I got my back and feet re-taped with some blister popping, hot needle action and some tender foot stroking from the medics. Early bed as another early start for stage 4.


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