Stage Two – 24.8km

Ok so this was the ‘easy ‘stage. Early start due to rainfall waking everyone at 4am. Spot of breaky, taped up back due to ruck sack rash and ready at the start line for the swim start. Katie joined in as Jungle Jim wanted a guide so lifeguard Katie came to the rescue. The countdown began when i realised my front pack with my race snacks wasn’t waterproofed…oh well. We all pegged into the rather cool river and swam to the other side. With all the kit waterlogged it was a quick wring out and off we went. Flat terrain all the way with the first check point not far into the course. The rather bored medics (as nobody has really suffered too much) kindly chatted away an ensured we were watered up (2.5 litres enforced ) and off again. Good pace with Guy and Jacob (Reading lad, works at Royal Berks Hospital where I was born !) amongst lizards, poisonous frogs x2 and some rather odd caterpillars. Checkpoint two a young gent called Craig sat on a branch incorrectly which flicked young Jacob in the head, so he had to wait at the checkpoint a bit longer which made the medics happy as they had something to do. Guy and I plodded on, the heat starting to make me a little weary and legs going a bit wobbly. But we cracked on and got into checkpoint 3 with the final stretch to the finish where we were greeted by Katie and Guys daughter Annie.

Bags off and a trip to the medic tent as due to the water crossing, my feet had got waterlogged and the skin had started to split in the toes. A bit of friars balsam squirted and some dressing which made me scream to high heaven. Still no pain no gain. A trip to the massage table where the locals went to work (sounds better than it is, this aint no spa ! and with whatever they are using going into my slashed legs, was no beauty treatment). Anyway, all done, taped up and a trip to the hot water to beef back up some expedition food, freeze dried Chicken Tikka. Yucky poo. But its 800 calories and I need to fuel as tomorrow is nicknamed the ‘mutha fucka’. 37 kms of hills and swamps. This will be the big test for most of us, to the locals a breeze.

Anyhoo, apparently there is a picture of me on the official website finishing stage 2 thanks to the legend that is Gil.

Katie has gone out of camp to checkpoint 2 for tomorrows race tonight, gets to stay in the jaguar zone with the medics and armed guards (to protect from the big fluffy cats). To the boys and girls of 2009, this is a completely different race. Less people (still full crowd of 44/45) but everyone has finished so far. So easier than that dreaded day one, so far…

So, a spot of hot chocolate and in bed by 8pm – rock and roll.

Thanks again for all the messages.

Bird x Ah Ahhrrr !


One thought on “Stage Two – 24.8km

  1. Thomas, hat’s off to you sir. Keep up the good work fella and I’ll shout you a union burger on your return. Henry

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