Day 4


following last nights long trip through the jungle under torchlight, i actually had a good nights sleep. some people who didnt complete the final stage ( due to it getting dark and it being dangerous for jaguars….HELLO ! why was I allowed up there then monkeys ????),  a hot day with more drop outs along the way. ran a bit which was fun until my ankle went one way and my knee the other. we are at 100km so far….tomorrow is the biggest hurdle of the entire week. PA14011290km. aim is to get through the jungle before dark as its jaguar territory…oh dear. they suggest you get through stage 4 at 30km before dusk which should be achievable if i replace my legs, arms and shoulders…we bathed at the rivers edge this afternoon when we got back which was bliss as it meant everyone could wash kit. sweet smelling jungle heaven.


nice camp and relax as we only had 24km but the heat when in the open is incredible. more spiders, ants, snakes and caimen today (at the river crossing swim (200meters at 730am this morning)).

there is a great air about the camp today as everyone has moved closer to the finish. those who have stopped are still cheeringon those who are coming in ( again i was one of the last ones in as everyone had left the finish line but i got a delightful cheer when i got back to camp). chatted with the medic team about mondays events and general medical organisation which is very scrappy (the team are awsome they just havnt been given the right backing to fully provide reliable evacuation procedures – still I guess thats what you buy into when you sign up…)

I seem to be known as “Tom Hanks” by the locals which is quite light relief at each checkpoint. hopefully the earlier batchelor party era / Big rather than the more recent dross / self indulgent oscar crap etc.

my solar power got waterlogged (despite waterproofing) so its approx 4 hours of ipod left for tomorrow. it has helped today getting round the mundane track to some lashings of hard rock and a bit of classical for those zen moments. im feeling a bit more human today which is promising as tomorrow is approx 20 hours non stop – in theory. wont be able to update until friday when i recover.

hopefully there is more to see on

thanks for all the emails. its such a lift when youve got back to camp, found a couple of trees to hang a hammock, unpack bag, eat food, wash, water check, feet check (improving surprisingly although the medic wants to burst one of my blisters).

peace love and Im thinking of sticking to boring old marathons in the future for those who are concerend i may do anything like this again.

think when i get back i want to go and sit in london zoo to feel at home x


One thought on “Day 4

  1. Hi Tom
    GREAT GRAET GOING!! Glad to see you have stayed in the race afetr saying you might not get there.Enjoy the 90km (or at least some of it) and make sure you put in the 100m sprint you boasted about in your Biography!! Best wishes Chris Sandes, RSA

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