Day Three

37km of fun today ! started off with a de-brief this morning with the news that Darren was coming round and Danny was still critical. We were all asked to sign another disclaimer this morning as the medical support from Monday highlighted a few issues. Apprently the hospital we were supposed to have acces to is closed and the guys have been put up in a 3rd world style nightmare – since initially writing this I have heard horror stories from a couple of the team who were taken there, both patients and medical staff were apalled at the conditions and buy the way they were treated. Its amazing nobody died.

Anyway the race started, nice and easy and headed off into the jungle. All well and good however my fitness isnt quite what it was. Swamps and hours upon hours of jungle trail. pleasant surprise at checkpoint 2 was Mark who had been hospitalised on Monday – he was back helping ! fair play to the man. things got a little slower and a little hotter, checkpoint 3 was head in hands didnt want to go on moment. bit of food , chat to the medic, kids like something from The Mission – even the laugh of the toothless little tykes. amazing. battled through to checkpoint 4 at 530 where i was warned if I continued i would be on my own and the jungle would get dark at 630.

When trecking through in the dark I kept my ipod playig a head torch on.


fun was had in pitch black, got last place ( ithink) and lost aswell.

saw some movement in the trees and by some buildings and flashed the camera a few times, saw some eyes. didnt think much of it as it just looked like a cat. a cat in the jungle is not often referred to as a pet, more like a JAGUAR ! but being a bloke and being a bit slow sometimes I didnt really realise until Id finished !


Those are the eyes by the way !

Im going to play tomorrow by ear – only 24 km but all the other slowies have pulled out so unless i pick up the pace (unlikely) i will miss the cut off time tomorrow and therefore be disqulified.

Thanks for the emails, hope all this is getting through.not sure if Im getting everything but appreciate it all the same. Campsite tonight has no runnign water – I smell bad and ive lost my spoon !!!

some footage from my camera

peace love and i miss reality xxx


2 thoughts on “Day Three

  1. Keep going, all very impressed here in Norfolk, quite in awe of you, am desperate to do some exercise but my ankle is bad, so drinking lots of red wine and getting fatter by the minute, which I am sure you will be doing when you get back, I expect the scenery is amazing but must be gruelling in that heat. Fergus keeps telling the children of your trip, however, they have forgotten who you are so must make plan to get you and Sarah up here soon, have put provisional date in the diary with Sarah.

    We are awaiting impending arrival of Mother and Father, am being very nice to them and have organised shopping, food etc. but am going to hit them with childcare soon. Hooray!!

    All love and take care, love from us all.


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