Training – where has the time gone ?

Training following a night dressed as a sailor at Koko s in Camden with the Discob*tches (TM) isnt easy at the best of times, however as my first official triathlon draws nearer, the butterflies have started to flutter and the urgency to make up for lost training has suddenly dawned upon me.

Diet, I have come to realise, is very key to this type of training.  One cant underestimate the careful planning required to build core muscle and fuel this machine I call my flubbered mainframe (currently a bit too much of a veranda over the toyshop – however should be fine by the time I get the ‘ol tri one piece out next weekend at the GE Blenheim Triathlon

With the return to the Jungle a bit farther off – my focus is on building my base fitness for the Ironman at the end of July. The thought of Jungle critters, alligators, snakes, piranahs and jaguars doesnt phase me at all however the thought of a 112  miles bike ride followed by a 26.2 mile run (after the 2.3 miles swim) is starting to wake me up at night. The size of the event, the intensity of the training, and the fact that its held in Bolton for the UK edition, fills me with dread.

That said and done, I wouldnt be doing these events if I didnt think I could compete them. But then what do I know – lets see what happens next weekend.


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