Final Stage and Finish

It was all nearly over. Last race day (32km on the beach in the blistering sun) and then a slap up lunch at Missus Miggins Pie shop.  After all the kerfuffling with final hammock removal, a beautiful beach start it was the final attempt to put one leg in front of the other. At this point my legs were in pieces but I knew the end was in site. Thank god for a cloudy morning…



Legs werent in any good shape at all and ankles killing me a strode forward, one leg in front of the other trying to make sense of the whole week and still thinking of Darren and Danny and they nightmare they had gone through.


Still it was a long journey to the final finsh line to be greeted by the Brazilian 100km winner with my lovely ceramic medal followed by some meat and beer. Absolutely lush.


The super star medic and support team. Legendary.

Then it was jump on to the bus where i was greeted by a bombedro who i exhanged my trainers and waterbottle for his shorts – seemed a fair deal at the time. Then the local lad who came second wanted my head torch for a hold of his 6 month old baby boy. again seemed a fair deal at the time…

We then got carted off to the “hotel”. Roy said as we pulled into the hotel entrance…”welcome to Bagdad”, he wasnt far off the truth !

quick change, check blisters, infections, beard ! and get back into bus for a long mission to the evenings reception and prize giving. Caught up with Darren who was still a bit spaced and confused about what had happend. Gil Serique, the so called guide and support said he  should come back next year and ignore what the doctor said. strange attitude and strange man.

a few beers, a bit of food and then hopped back to hotel for a couple of hours kip before we set sail back to blightly. my feet were in agony and swelled up like balloons.


I think it was worth it…

Looking back it was a tough old race but Im glad I did it. Whats next….?


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