If scripted by Hollywood, the story would be passed off as trite melodrama.  As a young boy, struck with the breathing difficulties, failing every race at school – I took control of my symptoms and began to lead a full and active life.


Born July 31st, 1973 in Reading, Berkshire. Raised by my parents in the countryside village of Mortimer, I was not the most athletic from an early age. I had suffered from Asthma, broke my legs, I couldnt run and was pretty poor at swimming – even nearly drowned on numerous occasions.

I sought alternative advice from herbalists, spiritualists and alternative medicine doctors. They lived in a little woodland campsite near the village and soon, I befriended the so-called shamen and miraculously I became healthy. The rest as they say is history…


St Marys 100m 1981 –  Last

Presentation College – 1500m 1983 – Last

London Marathon 2002 – 3hrs 56

London Marathon 2003 – 3hrs 45

Tough Guy 2006 – 3hrs 15

London Marathon 2008 – 3hrs 37

London Marathon 2009 – 3hrs 56

Tough Guy 2009 – July 26th – fatboy 3 hours

Jungle Training July 2009 – Salcomb cliffs, 5 hrs 20 (ish as watch ran out of battery !)

Endurancelife 33mile race- about 9 hours !

Jungle Marathon 2009 – about 37th place out of 120

2010 – NOTHING !

2011 – Orpington Marathon – approx 4hrs 30 but quite hilly and poor preparation on my part


12 thoughts on “Biography

  1. This website is factually imprecise. St Mary’s 100m result can not be. The track was a maximum of 40 metres from start to finish and the lines were at best off straight. But you are right, still long enough for you to come last. The official result was:

    1. C. Law (The Crescent)
    2. A. Nixon (Victoria Road)
    3. J. Hilliard (Drury Lane)

    I still have my YELLOW, yes, YELLOW rosette! Mr. Thorpe always liked his lads in yellow….peedo!

  2. You didnt mention the time you nearly died from an asthma attack at my gran’s house. By the way, I got the blame for that….because apparently I was supposed to make sure you had your iron lung defibrulator nebuliser anti-wheeze thing on you at all times… i must have missed that clause in the small-print.

  3. Can’t believe you didn’t beat Wibby somewhere along the line. Can you send one of your headbands – they still haven’t made it this neck of the woods first time around. Getting multicoloured sackcloth now though……

  4. can you make sure we get a full length shot next time – i’d very kuch like to see the Seb Coe short shorts….

    and may be you should build a montage – everything goes faster in a montage….

  5. Just saw this site on I hope you don;t mind put I put the link on LinkedIn as I am in a running group on there. Very inspirational, well done and good luck for the ironman 2011.

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